Diptashree Paul

Name Diptashree Paul
58 kgs


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Body Type:- Curvy

Shoot Preferances

  • Print Shoot
  • Video Shoot
  • Ramp Show shoot

Dresses comfortable with

  • Indian
  • Western
  • Shorts
  • Bikini/ Innerwear/ Swimsuit
  • Nightwears

Experience :-

  • Miss Bengal Beauty
  • Bangalore Fashion
  • New Year Diva 2020 Runner Up
  • Miss Valentine 2020 Showcase
  • Runner Up VR Face of Chennai.
  • Jonah’s Bistro
  • Adhira Allure
  • Provoke Lifestyle Magazine
  • Kadam Jewellers
  • Queen of Madras Season-4
  • Fashion Fair Magazine (Bengaluru)
  • Vanitha Magazine (Kerala)
  • Lifestyle
  • Toni & Guy
  • Kryolan
  • Slam Fitness
  • Lions Club
  • Plum goodness
  • Lakme
  • Brillare India

Hi I’m Diptashree Paul, 26 yrs old and I completed my graduation in BCA with specialization of Communication marketing. As well I’m holding experience in corporate field domaining in management & analyst skills. I’m born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal completed my schooling from Delhi Public School. And since after my schooling I have been chasing for my dream and initially in 2013 was my first baby step taken towards Fashion World. I’m a Dreamer and Believer in achieving it. I love to travel alot, explore new things, meeting with new people exchange knowledge & gain experience in life i.e my ultimate joy. I do have hobbies too and that is listening to my favorite tracks & choreographing on those. I’m dedicatedly passionate about modelling and to bring versatility in fashion. I do have my own trademark to Follow #clothingforareason which I believe strongly and that’s the statement I want to create for fashionista world. Modeling is not about being exactly perfect it is a form of gesture which let’s you speak up in form of expression, art or beauty. And secret to beauty is that people can identify you in a second. This is a “dream come true” act for me as I’m passionately focused & keep positive approach towards my goals. I do have struggled alot to succeed undefeatedly and reached to have developed that personality in me to keep accepting challenges to spark brighter in every chance. My key to life is very simple only with a positive mind you can be a real successful person. I honestly feel this is the exact platform I have always dreamed for myself to sculpt my passion accurately & be more enthusiastically dedicated to win every single opportunity thrive.

Why "Clothing For A Reason"..?

Let me help you find out what’s soo fancy about this, ladies & gentleman let’s talk about ‘Garden of Eden’ which was was one of the most gorgeous place existed where God created two bodies Adam & Eve and left them naked for a reason!! What happens next is the most mysterious revolutionary of CLOTHING which transformed it’s statement as Fashion very practically & utilitarian way in the modern world. But to me demonstrate the fundamental ways as most of us see it as the purpose to sheild ourselves for our own confidence, protection, attraction etc.. which is definitely true but it has alot more about it. It wasn’t that simple to stand out the revolution of clothing.
Do you know what’s the power of FASHION & it’s ability to our life: Transformation is big scale word and how to achieve that is all about our self journey. Let me tell you my story I transformed my school uniform into a fashion attire! Sounds funny? No absolutely not that was my vision to change the pattern of clothing to give me more confidence & presentattive in the manner I desire to stand out. But that day it was just a vision which I drawn into reality today, it wasn’t an easy journey to overcome all that pressure of grades, work experience, volunteering, extra curriculars & a fantastic social life etc. & in between chasing that open eyed dreams. But I look that budding interest for Fashion despite all the pressure to be productive I had in my mind. And to me that interest was the only joy I craved for.
Discovery of ‘The Theory of Enclothed Cognition’ blew my mind. Which describes the effects that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. Which means what you’re as human you reflect to dress accordingly and that’s what you choose to wear to resembles your personality. For example doctors choose to wear white lab coats it’s not just an uniform but they showed increased attention & carefulness to detail while wearing. So it’s basically the psychology lies behind clothes u wear is not just to cover or protect you but defines your personality & traits of nature you conspires off.
But why should it bother you & me to stand with this ClothingForAReason?? It’s because we all have our own personal lab coats as we put them on we feel invincible. But we need to be attentive to choose that carefully let it be colour which makes you stand out off the crowd, or be it a style which makes you feel professional and put together, maybe you can idolise your fashion role model and create your own uniqueness. But all that summaries to establish your trademark.